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The New Standard in Treatment for Cerebral Palsy

The Universal Exercise Unit (UEU) is the most unique, and compact device. UEU is utilized in two different ways:


1. As a system of pulleys, straps and splints are utilized to perform a variety of exercises. A major goal is to improve strength, AROM (active range of motion) and muscle flexibility. By eliminating the gravitational forces, even the patient with the muscle strength graded 1 or 2 out of 5 can initiate the movement. This is the entire core of the UEU. If the patient can perform even a minimum movement with the active assistance of the therapist then he can progress to active resistive exercises.It is quite amazing to see the rapid progress.

The weights used in the Unit are graded every 1/2 lb or 1lb, which allows the therapist to obtain measurable data and prove the gains. UEU and the types of exercises performed in it target the muscle that lack strength, range of motion, and flexibility. Through the system of pulleys and straps, the therapist can isolate any muscle group and target it. In this situation the muscle tone (usually increased) does not influence the movement. This allows muscle groups to counteract the spastic muscle. The effects of this type of exercise are reflected in functional gains. Quality of gait, balance and coordination of movements increases rapidly.

Goal of the exercises:
1. To counteract (prevent) muscle atrophies
2. To increase muscle strength
3. To increase active and passive range of motion
4. To improve muscle flexibility
5. To prevent joint contractures

2. The other way the UEU can be utilized is called "Spider cage". The name was created by children who wore the belt with attachments of 8-10 bungee cords. The patient is suspended in the middle of the cage with unique support received through the elastic cords. This type of support is extremely dynamic and provides just the right amount of support needed. This allows the patient to perform any movement or functional skill virtually "independent".

The type of exercises performed in full or partial weight bearing allows the patient to develop a sense of security. They also facilitate the development and mastering of functional skills (sitting, crawling, standing, walking, climbing, jumping etc.). In this unique suspension, the patient practices different activities that help improve sensory integration. You can notice tremendous gains in balance, coordination and function. The ability to maintain an upright position (using UEU) helps prevent osteoporosis. Universal Exercise Unit is well known and successfully used all over Europe. It is time to introduce this treatment device in the U.S.

The UEU is a universal and easy to use device that can be utilized virtually by everyone. It is a durable, time and cost effective piece of equipment that helps to treat many different diagnoses. The UEU is also and extremely safe device to use.